Time Warner provides the worst Internet/Cable business there is. I moved into an apartment complex that could only provide Time Warner.

I wasn't to thrill because after having AT&T u-verse nothing really compared. When we moved in and purchased a package our Internet and tv kept getting shut off. After calling them for three days they finally told us the person before had not canceled their service and our service was shut off until we paid their bill. They gave us a list of things to do to get it fixed.

Thankfully our apartment understood customer service and took care of the problem because this occurred often. This was 8 months ago and their Internet service is still as awful as their customer service. I cannot have more than one device connected to the wireless Internet. They won't send anyone your way to fix it, they will simply reset the box so it will work for that one day.

Time Warner f**king sucks a** on a whole different level. I'm thinking about moving out of my beautiful apartment because its a constant fight with their service.

Review about: Time Warner Cable Internet Service.

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