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I am highly disappointed in this company. As a devoted customer to Time Warner Cable for over 15 years, I can't believe that you would treat your customers so carelessly. I have rarely had problems with my service over the last decade, but the moment I do, I see that you severely lack the ability to provide customer satisfaction.

Since Hurricane Sandy, we have lost our cable and internet connection. At first I expected that it would take a few days for service and life to get back to normal. But a week after the hurricane, I called your customer service where I spoke to a representative that told me they were working on the issue, but unclear of when it will be resolved. I accepted this; another week went by, still nothing.

11/15/12 It has been THREE WEEKS since service outage. I spoke to another representative through your online chat service who assured me that the problem is being resolved. Within 24-48 hours, he said, my service will "definitely be restored." The weekend went by and I still had no service.

11/19/12 I spoke to Online CSR Alan, who assured me that service HAD already in fact, been restored. He told me to go home and try to unplug the devices and let it reboot. I went home, unplugged and re-plugged the modem and cable box, still nothing.

11/20/12 Online CSR Paul tells me the same thing. Service is restored, try it again. I told him that it's not working, some one should be sent to my house to check on the problem. I tell him the message I see on the screen is "Please check CABLE IN connection on rear of STB. 00B tune failure." Paul tells me there aren't any appointments open until 12/5, another TWO WEEKS away. I explain that it is not possible, I need something sooner. He replies that he's put the appointment into the system as an emergency, and someone will call me the next day to confirm a technician will arrive at my house WITHIN the next three days.

11/21/12 I waited all day and never received a call. I call your customer service again and speak to Sergio this time. Who tells me that the previous CSR only told me some one will call today to appease me, the appointment is still set up for 12/5. There is nothing else available. He then tells me that if something opens up, I will be notified, in the meantime he's moved my appointment to 12/3. He also suggests there might be a problem with the cable box, since the trouble shooting hasn't resolved the issue. I heed the advice and bring my cable box and modem to an office to be exchanged. After setting the new box up, I still have no service. The display message now reads "ERROR CODE IA09."

11/29/12 I receive an automated call confirming the appointment on 12/3. I accidentally press the 1 key, where I am told the appointment is now being canceled. Immediately, I call customer service back and speak to CSR Cathy, who reassures me the appointment is still valid, she will make a note on it to make sure the appointment does not get canceled. I let her know that during the storm, my neighbor's tree had fallen, could a line have possibly been dragged down? She replies that someone will be sent out prior to my appointment to survey the area.

12/3/12 My appointment is set up from 12 PM-2 PM. At 3:30 PM, a technician has still not arrived nor have I received any call rescheduling this appointment. I call again, only to be told that there IS NO APPOINTMENT SET UP, AND NO ONE KNOWS WHY I WOULD RECEIVE AN EMAIL STATING THAT THERE IS A SCHEDULE SET UP!

Imagine my disbelief at hearing this. Time and again, your representatives have given me false hope and lies, what kind of company thinks treating a customer this way is acceptable? I am now being told by CSR Supervisor Mr. Brevner that someone will "TRY" to come tomorrow, but I will not receive a confirmation call until later today. I ask him how I can just trust his word on this, I need to know right now if something is set up or not, he gives me another empty reassurance that I am now a priority in the system, that I will "definitely" be notified later today.

It has been over FIVE WEEKS since Hurricane Sandy, and yet this problem is still unresolved. But the biggest issue I have is the deceit and empty promises your company shells out. A CSR from today's conversation questioned ME if there were any fallen cable lines! I understand that the storm has caused a lot of damage, but to take OVER SIX WEEKS to restore service when ALL OTHER COMPANIES HAVE RECOVERED is absolutely ridiculous. If there is a problem with the cable line in my area, how is it that you have received no information on this? Isn't your system supposed to be able to tell if there is a line loose in an area? And if there is a line loose, why hasn't there been someone sent to fix your damaged service lines?

I have called in numerous times, yet not one of these times has been logged. And your chat online box where you can check it to have the transcript of the conversation emailed to you? Why bother putting that option there if each time I check it I don't receive the promised email? Why do you keep records of phone calls or even have customers speak to your representatives if no notations are actually kept on record? What is your customer service reps even authorized to do because it seems out of their capacity to provide even the most basic of services?

This incident has really shed a different light on Time Warner Cable. Your representatives are hollow in their knowledge and your ethics are questionable. I have lost faith in this company, and if I don't receive the call back confirming an appointment for tomorrow by tonight, I will take it as my business is not important enough and TWC values its customers so lightly that I will take my money else where.

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i hate this company too..we had bad storms yesterday, we had no problems with our cable..the storms have been over for more than twentyfour hours! Just this evening out of no where the cable goes out..i try to call the hotline but i just end up talking to a computer..my buddy a mile up the road has cable still!!!

It has been over six hours!!! I pay 119 dollars a month for this?!

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