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My husband and I had moved and we were told we couldn't have direct tv due to trees blocking the signal. I called every cable company before TWC- I had been warned of their terrible service before.

Unfortunately... They ended up being the only able company that offered service in our area. We called on a Wednesday. I paid 85.99 and they told me a technician would be out the next day to install.

I asked for a later installation time because my husband and I both work. We agreed on 3-4. My husband got a call at 2pm from the technician who was asking why we weren't there. My husband told him the time was 3-4.

I work 5 minutes away and told him I would be right there.

He said he wasn't going to wait. I call customer service and they assured me that they were resending someone out and to expect them between 3 and 7. 6:50 rolls around (I understand that service calls almost always come at the last minute but due to me previous issues I was a little untrusting) I called and CS said that there was no note about them resending someone out. They said the most they could is give me a 20 dollar bill credit.

If any of this was remotely my fault I would accept the 20 dollars.

But being as this had totally unconvinced my day the offer infuriated me more. basically after long waits and being put on hold multiple times you get no where with these people.

Review about: Time Warner Cable Installation.

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #775424

I am a handicap person and have nothing but trouble with Time Warner.I have had phone trouble for one year till finally it was fixed.I also payed for hifi and with all the techs I had someone took my rotor.I was paying for a service I didn't have.TWC was suppose to come out this morning (SUN Feb.19th) and no one showed up.I called TWC and got a rude supervisor,Karen, and was told I was on the book for tomorrow,which was not true.I am in therapy everyday and they could't do anything till Friday.I waited 2 and a half hours on the phone,hung up on,had to call back,and this is the results.Thank you for your prompt attention in this matter...

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